Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wreckage (2010)

A Real Junker

If you're like me, you're severely addicted to Breaking Bad as much as a meth addict is addicted to...well...meth. If you are a fan of the show, you know that Aaron Paul, who plays co-star Jesse Pinkman, is the shit. In the span of four seasons, Paul has delivered a wide range of emotion as his character continually strives to crawl out from rock bottom. After seeing him pull his weight in the surprisingly entertaining Last House on the Left remake, I was definitely interested in seeing him tackle another horror role. Unfortunately, Wreckage isn't what I had in mind.

Things are going pretty swell for Jared (Mike Erwin, Dexter). Not only has he finally finished fixing up his old Plymouth that he uses for drag racing, but his beautiful girlfriend Kate (Cameron Richardson, Harper's Island) has just accepted his out-of-the-blue marriage proposal. Along with their friends Rick (Aaron Paul) and Jessica, the foursome head out in Jared's ride for a day of racing. Unfortunately, Jared's car doesn't purr like a kitten as much as he would've hoped and his car stalls in the middle of the race. Stranded on a deserted highway, the four are about to walk back miles into town when Rick suggests that they simply salvage the needed parts from an old junkyard just a ways down the road. After hopping the fence, Jared begins to search under the carhoods for a new belt while Rick shares old horror stories about the junkyard with the girls. Being the immature person he is, Rick starts firing a handgun as a joke. Things aren't so funny when a bullet ricochets and hits Kate in the waist. Jared is forced to run four miles into the next town to get the police and by the time they get back to the junkyard, everyone else is missing. Soon, dead bodies start piling up as a mysterious killer is lurking within the salvage. With Kate's chances of survival dwindling, Jared decides to take matters into his own hands before she winds up found like the others.

I suppose the most disappointing thing about Wreckage is the lack of Aaron Paul. Though he's in the beginning, middle, and end of the film, his role is scant and he's given very little to work with. Rick is essentially another Jesse Pinkman without the meth habit. He's rude, says the wrong things, and has no regard for others. Though Paul manages to still turn in the best performance in the film, his lack of character development (or lack of character, period) makes this role easily forgettable.

The film is low budget, which is rather obvious due to a few strange camera angles and movements, some mediocre acting, and sometimes-hollow audio. There are also some very cliché bits of dialogue on display, like the classic "You can help, or you can get the fuck out of my way" line as well as some extremely predictable plot twists and turns that actually make the film suffer more than it already is.

Speaking of suffering, Scoot McNairy (Monsters) turns in the strangest role as a hick who works at the junkyard. Covered by a large pair of magnified glasses that make his eyes bulge like crazy, his character belts out every line with an unashamed (and extremely forced) southern drawl that merges with prepubescent voice cracks in every sentence. Somehow, by some sheer miracle, I ended up actually finding him to be the best character in the movie. This film did not, and I repeat, absolutely DID NOT need this character. Until he showed up, it was a fairly serious film and his presence is so over-exaggerated that you can't help but crack up at his ridiculously stupid lines like "Have you met my uncle? He's eighty-three and got a colostomy bag comin' outta his butt!" and "Easy now, ya'll about to make me shit myself!" The fact that I somehow found myself rooting for this guy shows you how little interest I had in the rest of the film.

"Pinkman's in a shitty movie...BITCH!"
Throw in a little bit of violence and some horrible flashbacks and voiceovers throughout the film and you've got Wreckage; a film that is indeed everything its title says. Though I'm giving this a low score, I would still recommend renting this one just for you Aaron Paul completists out there and for those who wish to witness the insane (and inane) performance turned in by McNairy. It just might make you shit yourself.

2/5 Stars

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  1. Do u know the name of the song at the end of the movie when the credits start rolling is called.