Monday, July 11, 2011

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991)

This special edition of Trailer Trash is dedicated to our website's newest (and already) most loyal fan, Creeper75.

Full Moon's Puppet Master series made playing with dolls cool. Anyone who grew up with these films immediately wanted a Blade, Jester, or Tunneler for their own collection, but...maybe not a Leech Woman. She was a bit nasty.

So why am I putting up the trailer for part 3 first? Well, because it's my favorite in the series. I really can't get any better than puppets vs. Nazis, can you? This is also when we see the puppets in a good light for once, and to be honest, it's just heartwarming. Especially when they gruesomely punish the film's Nazi villain in the end.

This begs the question...what was everyone's favorite puppet in the series?


  1. Thanks for the dedication. I appreciate the kind words. Keep up the good work.

    And to answer your question... it's difficult to say, though I would say Leech Woman was my least favorite (but that goes without saying I'm sure). I think it's a tie between Blade and Six-Shooter, although Pinhead was cool as well. Damn! Who knew this would be such a difficult question to answer? Then again, that's what makes it such a great question.

  2. I was always a Tunneler fan for some reason. Though Blade SHOULD be everyone's favorite in the same way Raphael was everyone's favorite Ninja Turtle, i always enjoyed Tunneler. I thought his kills were pretty gritty and i adored his little SS outfit.

  3. I think I liked Blade mostly because of his looks alone. I was always amused with Six-Shooter's laugh though. And Pinhead was the lovable character for me. Tunneler was cool too. It's so hard to just pick one.

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