Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Orphan Killer (2011)

Edit: The film's director did not seem to appreciate my review for the film very much, but was determined to prove that the technical issues I mentioned were a fluke. After seeing another copy of the film, I can assure you that I was wrong and that the audio is quite crisp and clean. I still find the overhead shots to be distorted and stretched in another aspect ratio, but overall, the film's technical quality is highly improved from my original description of it. I still stand by my other qualms with the film, but with the improved A/V quality, The Orphan Killer gets 2/5 Stars. So, please disregard anything in this review about the audio, with the exception of the soundtrack. It's pretty terrible.

Sibling Rivalry

There's been a lot of hype surrounding a little independent horror film known as The Orphan Killer. The film has promoted itself through viral marketing, using fake blogs that are written through the perspective of the film's titular slasher, as well as the extremely supportive quotes from dozens of fans who say that this film is "...better than the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I am here to tell you: don't believe the hype. The quotes and reviews on IMDb are obviously fakes (most likely from the filmmakers themselves) and while the blog is clever, it doesn't save The Orphan Killer from severe technical issues and a lack of originality, though the film's rabid fanbase seem to think otherwise.

The story revolves around Audrey (the sexy Diane Foster), who teaches dance or something at a Catholic school (I think that's what she did, it was sort of never really explained). As a child, her parents were murdered in front of both her and her brother, leaving them stuck in an orphanage. While she was a nice little girl who was eventually adopted, her brother was a bit crazy. Causing trouble and endangering the other children, the nuns from the orphanage put a skeleton mask on him and locked him in an attic (...weird for a nun to do, but okay...). Now, her brother has escaped and is eager to teach Audrey that the old axiom "blood is thicker than water" is horrifyingly true, as a gruesome rampage of dead bodies leads to a final showdown between brother and sister.

The Orphan Killer definitely has a lot going for it and could have been a much better film, but there are a lot of problems that hinder its progress. First off, the film's audio is atrocious. The voices sound mechanical and full of static, making nearly every sentence impossible to hear, which is worse for the killer because he already speaks behind a stuffy mask and nearly all of his dialogue is inaudible to begin with. Then, there are plenty of scenes that are overdubbed and I have no idea why. I'm pretty sure one scene shows Audrey calling out a name while her mouth is completely closed, and in many other scenes, you'll notice that mouths are moving but not matching what's being said by a long shot.

Secondly, the camerawork has a few faults. Most of the film is shot surprisingly well, making use of many creative angles and lighting to create a pretty awesome atmosphere. But once in a while, there are these helicopter shots that would have really made the film look higher-budgeted if they weren't so unsightly. The colors don't match up with the rest of the film, as everything from the helicopter angles seem brighter and more vivid. The weirdest part, however, is how these scenes seem to be filmed in a different aspect ratio, looking oddly elongated and unclear, as motion causes everything to have flickering lines around them.

My third and last real complaint is the score. I know this film is proud of its metal/hardcore soundtrack, but it totally ruins the atmosphere every time it starts up. There can't be a death or shot of the killer walking around without some poor hardcore band trying to chug-chug through a shitty breakdown that makes the film look like one giant music video for Slipknot.

While I couldn't stand most of the above, there are some good times to be had in the film. The violence is fun and old school, with face stabbings and severed limbs happening left and right. The special effects are quite good, and while you may be displeased with the film's many technical flaws, you'll likely revel in the over-the-top gore. The movie also has an excellent ending credits sequence where the film is played out through comic book images which are interrupted by hypnotic shots of The Orphan Killer's head on a rotator.

The film leaves room for the possibility of a sequel, and I truly hope they make one. As many problems as they movie had, all films are a learning experience. I hope the filmmakers take note of the negative critiques that myself and others offer and use it to their advantage. The Orphan Killer isn't a bad movie because of its content. It just suffers due to simple technical issues that can be fixed once you're aware that they exist. Hopefully, The Orphan Killer returns in the future crisper, cleaner, and a lot more audible.

Note: Right now, the film can only be purchased through its Facebook page. You can buy it here.

2/5 Stars


  1. The reviews on imdb are real. Your writing is very weak. Pathetic actually.
    This must be your hobby because spelling and grammar should be pretty important to a critic and you slander both. Here are the fans feeling about the film. The reviews you claim in your incorrectly spelled barely coherent critic of a grade a horror film are real.

  2. *fan's

    it's cool if you disagree with my review. i'm just one person and this is one person's opinion. but honestly, what did i say that was wrong about the film? i praised its highs and and mentioned its lows as well. i just think the film could have been more if people could actually understand most of what was being said. i'm not the only person to bring these issues up, so if you're going to start complaining, you'll have to take it up with every other review out there on the net, aside from the facebook fans spooging on your wall.

  3. The anonymous poster above looks to be same guy who has been slagging off the negative comments about the fake reviews on IMDB so is almost certainly connected with the film and the setting up of the facebook page with almost surely fake praise.
    Let the film live and die by it's merit for goodness sake and as the reviewr said, learn from th epast, move on and get better. This constant denial and sniping will give the film and all future films by or with anyone in TOK a -10 start from the off.

  4. Yeah, I reviewed this film on IMDb as well, and wasn't so kind to it either. There are about 17 reviews on there that are indeed fake and quite obvious. I even posted this very thing on the IMDb board and had many people agree that fake reviews for this film only do it harm, only to have my board post magically removed a few days later after Full Fathom 5 Productions came on there trying every way possible to defend this utter garbage. TOK is not the next horror icon, nor is it the best horror film in the last 25-30 years as those who worked on it would lead everyone to believe. Come on guys, be real. You tried. You failed. Pick yourself up and try again, but for f*cks sake, don't lie to your would-be fans about the supposed greatness of this film. It's just not right. And the killer does look like he belongs in Slipknot. Funny you have that in your review, as I also mentioned it in mine. *Creeper75*

  5. If you look at the movie poster, the way the mask has that little smirk, I can no longer see it without seeing Butters from South Park. just add a little blonde hair to the top XD

  6. LOL. I'm gonna have to have a look at that again now. Oh, and I just found out my review was also deleted on IMDb. I guess one can't really be too critical of a film anymore. I found my deleted review and took parts of it and am trying to get it posted on there again. It's sad that film makers try to take away the voices of their harshest critics instead of just looking at their obvious faults and trying harder the next time. *Creeper75*

  7. I see Butters! I also see Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" cover. *Creeper75*

  8. hahahahahah. i can totally see the Zombie cover there as well.

  9. Just Killing TimeJuly 11, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    My Review of the film has been removed from IMDb earlier as well. How is that even possible? Anyway, I reposted it and it's been on there now for 7 days.

    It's obvious Matt Farnsworths really believes he created the greatest horror movie ever and will not stand for people thinking otherwise. That makes him a silly guy and probably won't do his carreer any good, since he's pretty much busy making a fool out of himself.

  10. i had this weird thought last night that Farnsworth has multiple personality disorder...and that you guys are both fake names created by his rational side to battle his conflicting issues with the film.

  11. If only that were the truth! He seems to have the passion, but something is lacking. I think it may be a combination of budget and storytelling. Not to mention using the same non-actors in his films. I do wonder if he really thinks he created a masterpiece with this though? Can anyone with good vision be that blind? Just my thoughts....

  12. I agree totally with this review, though I would give it much less than 2.5 stars... maybe .5 for effort.

    From the terribly overbearing soundtrack to those distorted helicopter shots; they look like they were copied from an interlaced source and stretched wider for some reason.

    Lots of SPOILERS ahead...

    The story makes no sense at all and characters just seem to appear so they can be killed (the black nun comes to mind... why did they add her into the film and completely lose the fellatio nun???). The cop somehow just appears in the church (orphanage?) and has his gun drawn without any motive.

    Really... would they put that mask on the kid? I'm not Catholic, I think it's stupid though. And what's the deal with the two orderlies in pink that he kills while captive? How does that advance the film in any way? Where are they? Does he escape? If so, where/why did he lose his mask that gets found by the girls at the beginning?

    The camera work is good at times but completely enigmatic in some scenes; it's like the director wants the camera to be shooting anything but what we need to see to make the action understandable.

    Horrible movie... not worth seeing at all.

  13. To be honest, it does deserve less than 2.5 stars. I was trying to be polite and fair about the movie, but after the arrogant/bullying e-mail that Matt Farnsworth sent me, I'm pretty sure I'd give this film a 1 or 1.5, which is still fair. Btw, if you want to know WHY the cop had his gun drawn with no suspicion, it's because Farnsworth played the cop. I'm sure this was no doubt an excellent role for someone so power hungry. IMA COP. GOT A BLONDE GIRL. GOT A CONVERTABLE. GOT A GUN. IMA DRAW IT EARLY. SAVE THE DAY. SAVE MAH GIRRRRL. i'm just surprised he didn't write himself 25 sex scenes. "That was the best sex ever! It deserves no less than 10/10 stars! Bloody Brutal, Matt!"

    And yes, I completely agree with all of your questions. I had no idea why this stuck that mask on him. I thought all of the religious shit was boring. Farnsworth probably found this very edgy, killing off a priest and having a nun blow someone, but maybe he should check out some work by Dante Tomaselli, who already pushed religious/sexual/horror borders long before this.

    As to where the killer was, i have no idea. I assumed he was still supposed to be in the attic of the orphanage...which makes no sense because you're kicked out when you turn 18. But one review I read online said something about the story taking place in a Catholic School that was once the Orphanage. I don't know. I don't really care.

    I'm just glad this area has become a forum for people to truly discuss this film, whether they liked it or not. No fakes here!

  14. Just Killing TimeJuly 14, 2011 at 7:41 AM

    The nuns stuck the mask on him because they wanted the other kids to stay away from Marcus to avoid him hurting them. The mask made him look scary, so the kids would avoid him.

    I mentioned in my review that the school is housed in the orphanage. I remember it being said in the movie, i think by the Audrey's students telling the urban legend after they found Marcus' mask. They stated they found it in the attic.

    How they could find the mask while Marcus was still wearing it when he escaped is indeed beyond me, as is where he was at the time.

  15. makes sense (except for the part that all of us agree makes no sense)

  16. Just Killing TimeJuly 16, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    I just noticed the link to this review has now been removed from the Critics Reviews section over at IMDB. This is getting more and more rediculous by the day...

  17. jesus fucking christ. i'm going to have to make a post just dedicated to this situation.

  18. The bloody comments flow......
    Jordan Egor McAteer
    Saw?...nah!! ....-Evil Dead?...nah!! ...-Jason?...nah!! TOK?.....Gore Gore Gore and nicely done if i must say so :D This is a movie that would give Robert Englund Nightmares!! Bloody good!! :D
    Brian Zerega
    Relentless, Brutal Onslaught! Like seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the 1st time! Diane Foster was awesome...Marcus Miller (David Backhaus) is F***in' Sick! I am praying for a sequel! Gotta get a shirt now, lol! The Orphan Killer just raised the Horror Standard. Love to see the cast at a NY/NJ Horror Convention.
    You were awesome! TOK just raised the Horror standard. I speak for every Die-Hard Horror Fan: Thank You...We Want More!!!
    Jordan Kerby
    I watched this for the first time last night and I can honestly say that it is the best true horror movie I have ever seen. Marcus Miller is the next bloody horror icon.
    Dan Richards
    It is allegorically gory if you like slashers, with a touch of macabre and madness that mingle and merge in a menagerie of powerfully poetic and sophisticatedly sick storyline. Simply... wow. 
    Just callin' it like I see it. I ahve been watching horrors and slashers since the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was 5... seen close to 2000 different movies of the genre, and few put me to words like that, man.
    Jeff Newman
    just now got done watching the film its hands down best fuckin movie i have ever seen keep bringin the gore TOK
    Richard Clark Huey
    one of the best movies i have ever seen
    halloween, texas chainsaw, and hellraiser put in to one.
    Shane Alley
    its one of the best fucking movies i have seen in a very long time :) we need more shit like this
    Dakota Nameth
    right before my friend showed me this movie we were having an argument about how everything in a horror movie has already been done and how hollywood has destroyed the thing that we both cherished, the thing we grew up watching in our teens *cough cough SCREAM 4 cough cough* but after seeing this movie i have hope that the good horror movies are coming back to the fans, please dont become to over done like so many before you Marcus, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!
    Gunner Yo Gi
    TOK = KILLING MACHINE.....from hell......!

    Spike Murray
    Had a few friends round last night to watch the film with me. Thats 5 more converted to the sickness - Spreading the word of TOK
    Robbie Kahn
    This is, by far, the BEST,most gruesome,gory,bloody,twisted,sick,psychotic,nerve wrecking MASTER PIECE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dan Richards
    It is allegorically gory if you like slashers, with a touch of macabre and madness that mingle and merge in a menagerie of powerfully poetic and sophisticatedly sick storyline. Simply... wow.
    Dylan YellowEyes Sieng
    Tok ♥ best movie i ever saw ♥ ♥ lol
    Jade Norris
    Just caught the muthafuckin film.. Rawk the fuck on TOK!.. Instant fan for life here in Detroit...
    Spike Murray
    This film is brutal, sick and depraved - and I loved every second of it, damn awesome film.
     Keep up the good work, we badly need more movies like this.
    Shashana Porter
    orphan killer.... orphan killer orphan killer....orphan killer ORPHAN KILLER!!!!ORPHAN KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ! ur brilliant;) n ur. work... "
    Force Fed Broken Glass
    Allen Cahoon
    Dude you kick some serious ass...So glad I bought this DVD.... I loved all the methods of torture. When will we see the next movie
    Sam Graham 
    As far as I concerned - they should pull Scream4 out of every theater and replace it with TOK. Looking forward to the sequel. SG Approved. I though TOK's dialog was right up there with the Joker's from the Dark knight movie - every line is quotable.
    Sebastian Palavecino
    Damn!! i just have bought it and watched it!! its fucking awsome...its different from standard gore movies..and i think that this movie will be a topic for the next generation of gore movies! what a piece of art. i have to admit that i didnt put all my faith in the movie....generally...most of the movies with a lot of dosis of gore...are just stupids nonsenses with no story, and the directors didnt think of the way to make the film interesting for the audience  but this movie...its another different story... the new generation has now a new icon of pain...its the only i can re the best :D
    Meagan Brytewater Hodges
    Holy OMG! I watched the movie last night, and was so happy when I finished that I went out and told so many people about how brutal it was! Everything that could be disgusting and wrong on so many levels in a movie was in TOK. I definitely thought I was gonna pee my pants a few times in the movie because the events were just too awesome to handle. I squealed like a little girl when Marcus sawed that guy's head off and threw it in the toilet. Freaking epic! All the religious blasphemy was awesome as well. Thank you guys for making a horror film that is as real as it gets. The only problem is that now, I NEED MORE!
    Nathan Ryan 
    did this movie ever come out in theaters?? id be amazed if it didnt cuz its fucking awsome!!!
    Dan Richards
     It is difficult, damn near impossible, to capture brutality in a way that inspires without overtly offending or giving way to "overstimulating." 
    Ya nailed it... dead on the line. No pun intended.
    Bailey Campbell
    I loved this movie! My friend had the movie and I watched it with her and I loved ever bit of it. At the end, I was tempted to do the same to my sister but I was like nah, let TOK do it. He is a pro.
    Loki da Klown
    i love your movie. its the best horror/slasher movie ive seen. tok forever
    Klyde Martinez 
    just saw your masterpiece.....*Standing*
    bravo bravo
    Shelli Neal 
    I got the blue ray and I can say the sound is incrediable nothing like it. It makes you want to throw up but you can look away your breath quickens heart races ...and then the tingling starts....mmmmmmmmmmm

  20. Tuan EmoCacodemon
    best fucking epic movie
    Nathan Rakose
    Watched your movie a few days ago. Very impressed fuckin awesome dude can't wait for another
    Andres Ballesteros
    Now, They Call you "new icon of Terror" Then "The Best Horror Movie Ever" and when EVERYONE looks They Will call you " My Lord of Nightmares"
    Pritika Magima
    Comin from a family which flinches at the sight of a wasp, I'm proud to say I saw this twisted fantasy. I loved it to the very coree.. You can bring the inner madness out of a person. I'm gonna watch it again, this time not alone. BLOODY AWESOME MOVIE. FUCK YEAH!
     Steven Tyrel
    "the orphan killer is with me when i go to sleep and wake up. i keep that movie on repeat and sleep to it. to wake up to beautiful screams and torture and pain is so fucking glorious!"
    Gene O'Brien
    From someone who never watches films like this I have to say that this is a damn great bloody film! Ordered a blu-ray for me and a DVD for a friend!
    Gillian Sweetness Wilson
    hey there tok u r my fave badass.
    Markus Craig Pattison
    Your my Idol ♥
    Roland Janik
    finally watched it! TOK has it all, and then some. gory, sick & disgusting - could there be any better compliments? great soundtrack, too. sequel, please ;-)
    Brian Carrillo
    For fans of slashers its a sick and twisted ride that is great from start to finish. Can't wait for TOK2. You camt kill Marcus. He's the right hand of god. Buy it, see it, experience it.
    Noel Robles
     ive seen the movie at a friends house and let me tell you....YOU FUCKIN ROCK!!! your my new role model of death!!! you kick all sorts of ass...i wish i had a poster of you!!,,,ima order the movie this friday cuz its MUST HAVE!!!!
    Vit Varg
    "Pure evil! I bloody like your kililng style! Psycho-phisical tortures beyond humanity! Keep on the bloody killing! Hope to see some new killing rampages and methods from you soon! Bloody hails!
    Andy Ozzy Osborne
    "fantastically sick. What a masterpiece of evil.Brill soundtrack too!"
    Dylan Domenic Defalco
    Your movie is like video heroin! im just glued to the couch orgasming at the gore!
    Paul Blake
    Thats how you bring the pain. Can noy wait until the sequel. You rock
    Awesome job in TOK can not wait till the sequel. Great film
    Wolfs Crow
    Yes and I absolutely LOVED it!!! I can't wait until the sequal. Every horror fan should own it! It was brutal and awesome!!!
    Jeffrey Long 
    Hell yeah. It was amazing. Flawless victory. I'm letting my sister experience it next.
    Kayleigh Fallenangel Fass
    "I got my copy of the orphan killer finally and thank god the wait was finally over this has to be the best horror film i have seen in a while and i was very impressed withthe stroy line and well u are the best killer i have seen in ages waiting with baited breath from a second orphan killer film."
    Benji 'Waltor' Fass
    "Best film of 2011? YES! Best horror film of ALL FRICKIN' TIME?! YES!!! Without a doubt! To anyone who's not yet seen this film, I'd suggest buying it right away! :D One question though, where could I pick up an Orphan Killer mask?!"
    Vato Loco
    "Got my bloody bluray today and thx for the little present! you really know how to kill people and make them suffer to death! you're a genius man and I'm still hoping for a next marcus miller movie! greetings from Luxembourg"

    Steve-o Peterson
    killer movie diffrent from what im used to .... good story line and i like the gore and killer (killer)
     John Scrofani
    "Watched the Blu-Ray of TOK - Great bloody movie! Very well shot, tension builds nicely, & the kills are some of the best I've ever seen! Really liked the knife to the head kill (!) & the barbed wire strangulation & barbed wire 'handcuff' escape scene was brutal. And the last scene was cool! Excellent job. Thanks also for the t-shirts, really nice. Looking forward to the sequel."
    Roi Sóñara
    "Great scenes! Great Chicks ! Great Deaths ! but above all : BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N !!
    Thanks for the film, and for the shirts too ! (I owe you a couple of pics wearing them, I don't forget that)
    Master of Bloody Revolution!"
     Velvet Kiss
    "I've just seen the film!! Fucking brilliant. Great Direction, very gory scenes, just like the good Olaf Ittenbach Gory films.
    The acting is very good, thank god not stupid emo kids , like the remake of nightmare in elm street.
    Marcus is awesome, intelligent, ironic, brutal and very epic.
    The Sister is also very well played, you can see the suffering in her eyes.
    And the flashbacks of Marcus childhood are also very good.
    Hope you make a sequel, because this mix of humor, gore and classical horror, really works."
    Matt Myers
    The movie gave me and My bro Myers Bad Dreams he wet the bed n all he looked at was his face on ur mask.
     Cher Marcus,
    j'ai invité des potes à voir ton film et écouter la bande originale du film.
    résultat: cela faisait longtemps que l'on avait pas vu un VRAI film gore dans toute sa splendeur et je dit chapeau bas Maitre.
    Un grand merci à l'équipe qui a fait ce chef d'œuvre.
    Longue vie à Marcus Miller!!!"
    Christopher Cru 
    ayo fuck chuckie, tok is my idol
    Gordon Lancaster
    "Greetings from England finally got round to seeing it today Great Film, a Jason for the 21st century, soundtrack is great too.Good work"
     Omar Garcia Carrera
    I watched the film yesterday, its insane a masterpiece of gore, keep killing please
     Alfred Superflyswagginpimpnigga Estrada
    This blew my mind
     Kristen Wills
    "First off - Holy shit! This is a gore hound's wet dream! And it maintains a plot amongst all of the glorious amounts of blood and various internal organs not being so internal anymore. That immediately sets it apart from most other slasher flicks. Marcus Miller could easily be the next cult figure in horror. Mister Miller, we must see more of you in the future."
    * James Payton
    "That was one hell of a bloody brutal as fuck film, I am so very, very impressed, just loved every minute of it. The deaths were executed perfectly, so beautifully violent. I just pray we see more of Marcus, it's about time horror get's another brutal killer with creative visions such as yours. Kudos to all involved."
     Ivan M. Rolon
    "Just saw it at a friends house Bloody loved it hope fully i can wear that mask one day :) 11 out of 10"

  22.  Matteo Berni
    "fuck this is fuckin brutal, and the soundtrack fuckin owns! all killer no filler"
    Chris Robinson
    "Received your dvd today and just watched it two words............ Bloody brutal loved it"
    Tyler Scot Rech
    "MAACUS IS MY HERO!!!!!!! your movie was brilliant. I find every kill you did was like a beautiful piece of artwork"
    * Sean Estes
    "Shit WAS BANGIN! Bloody good job mofo!"
    * James Jeffrey Paul
    "Received the DVD. Great film! Never seen a more--er--ENERGETIC slasher movie. :-)"
    Dylan Groshans
    I'm drunk and stoned, just watched the movie because my bro got it...Holy fuck, After that I just wanted to punch someome directly in the face to claim how awesome it was during the whole runtime...
    Slashers are coming back man, theres nothing better than one maniac who's trying to put their word out in blood.
    Marjo Karvonen
    "Greeting from Finland an F**K YOU! ;) You were so good with your killing... Hope to see you again!"
    Davey Boddy
    "Got your dvd today.Just finished watching it.Awesome film.You're my new favourite killer.I hope you make more films.Let the blood flow!!!"
     Brendan Paisio
    "Scared the living shit out of me, but great movie i hope you make another bloody movie"
    Zahmbyrella Fiske 
    Loved the movie, and the Orphan Killer! It's the ultimate gorefest, so if you like gore like I do, it's for you!
     Mark Hudson
    "Hands down the best independently made horror film of our times. The Orphan Killer is the best mix of famous killers from the 80's rolled up into one. The character originated on Facebook (this is where I found him)and quickly turned into a viral phenomenon. I have followed The Orphan Killers Fan Page since it started and the hype for this film was outrageous. The movie matched up to the hype and then went miles beyond it. It does what no Hollywood movie studio has been able to do in 25 years. Create a new masked killer franchise that will conquer the old reigning kings. The throne has been turned over to TOK! A new horror Icon is born in my black heart forever!!! Don't ever stop killing Marcus Miller The Orphan Killer. Like all the other posts on The Orphan Killers Facebook fan page say "11 out of 10 for TOK"
    Tylor Zangetsu Ichigo
    "Yo TOK Is It Rong That Violence From Your Film Turned Me On And My Misses Loved It XD"
     Ater Prod
    "That I finally got the movie !! What can I say ? It's a massacre !! With lots of references assumed !!! It's really beautiful tavail bloody !!!!!"
    * Sarah O'Donnell
    "Watched it tonight, epic. i'v gotta say, i can imagine you making your way up to the greats man. keep it up. defo gonna pass it on."

  23. lol @ the same recycled "reviews" we saw months ago. I STILL DIDN'T LIKE YOUR MEDIOCRE MOVIE. GET OVER IT, FAUX HAWK. You can make up as many fake reviews as you want. It doesn't make The Orphan Killer any better. Thanks for posting :)

  24. These are not fake reviews just go to the facebook page and you will see that they are the truth and people love this film, I should know as i am a fan on there aswell

  25. well Matt, i'm sure you are a fan. And yes i've looked at many of the pages for your huge fans. All seem to only have about 20 friends. Seems funny, doesn't it? They're also the only people posting the exact same review on multiple sites using the word "bloody" to describe everything. Funny how SO many of your fans talk exactly alike and happen to post the same thing over and over on every site they can.

  26. you are making yourself look silly i am not Matt, I am a fan that uses that page and so what we use the word "bloody" and i have only posted on one review site, We wouldnt have to repeat ourselves if we werent constantly attacked and surely us keep repeating ourselves points to the fact we speak the truth

  27. you seem to be slightly retarded. i need you to understand that i am NOT attacking you. i simply did NOT enjoy this movie like MANY other people. that's not an attack. it's an OPINION. i don't attack you for thinking it's a good film. spamming negative reviews and deleting IMDB entries because they don't pertain to your opinion are what make you "look silly". I'm just a guy who wrote a review over a month ago that some people can't seem to let go of. I forgot about The Orphan Killer a long time ago. Please do the same.

  28. If you look around the net, you'll see a lot of 1 hit posts on vvarious sites and forums that all say the same thing, and look to be posted by the same guy. It cant be the director though, because how sad would it be if he spent his time defending his craptastic movie on internet posts, instead of using his time to improve and maybe make a movie less shitty.

    This movie needs to go away LOL

  29. Well...he IS "Anonymous". I guess he "doesn't forgive. doesn't forget." XD

  30. I am a big horror fan and browse online constantly for new things to watch. I found your review well written and insightful. I read some others that sounded like they were written by kids. Rather than turning me away from the film, it actually made me want to see it. When I hit these posting however, sheesh. Ignore it sir. In my opinion, you were fair and honest. I am an English teacher, so I know a thing or two about reviews and opinions.

  31. Very much appreciated! I minored in English and am pretty fond of it myself. Though I'm sure I misplace a few commas and semicolons every few paragraphs, I'd like to think that the writing is coherent and well structured for anyone following along.

    I also have a huge knack for writing without any capital letters, so I have to be very careful when writing the reviews. Otherwise I'd be like the e.e. cummings of horror.

  32. I also totally know which review you are talking about that sounds like it was written by a kid. One sentence ended out of nowhere, followed by the word "Cool".