Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elimination (2010)

Reality Bites

Elimination is one of those hilariously bad films that you just have to watch for yourself. A slightly higher-budgeted version of Fangoria's 2002 laughable-cult-hit Slashers, the film finds ten wannabe actors auditioning for a reality show. After being picked up by a driver for the production company who makes everyone surrender their cellphones and then promptly gasses them, they wake up in a remote warehouse ready to audition (not finding it strange that they all just woke up at the same time with no memory). Being instructed by a digital skeleton on a TV screen, the actors are told they are going to be playing an elimination game (for a select number of internet clients), starting in Sector A and making their way to Sector F, where only one contestant will win the one-million dollar prize. The catch is that they are going to be pursued by three killers the entire time and will have to fend for themselves, fighting one another for immunity trophies that allow 15 minutes of guaranteed safety from the psychos. What follows is some bad acting, poor set design, and cheap CGI, all of which culminates in a surprisingly cheesy and fun experience, perfect for movie nights with your friends and a case of beer.

What makes this film enjoyable is that it's so ridiculous, it actually seems be self aware. Every girl is chesty and attractive and the film finds any way possible to get them nude or as close to nude as possible. Lasers burn one girl's skirt all the way to her panties, another loses her skirt on a nail, two shirts are ripped off by one of the killers, and more. In one of the earlier scenes, the film gets some genuine laughs, as each character auditions in front of a camera that rates their percentage of surviving or becoming a fan favorite, Terminator-style. It also hilariously rates their asses and chests and other personality quirks, the best being one of the males rated as "Possibly Homeless", continuing the joke on an earlier comment in the film about his poor appearance.

The acting is slightly better than you would expect, but it's still far from even B-movie talent, particularly one girl who suffers death by fire. Her pleas for help were so dull and unmotivated that I believed she was part of a trap to kill another cast member. But, nope. Just her acting abilities!

Note: she's supposed to be in pain during this scene
The killers are ridiculous, as one is a clown and the other, an "Amazonian" woman with a bow and arrow and spear. The last of the three is a wolf-boy who just looks like a dude in shorts and fake teeth.

Maybe there's some decent set design in that bucket of tricks?
There are also some fantastic quotes in here, such as, "D...did I hurt you when I was fake-stabbing you?" which is said with so much sincere conviction, you will probably do a spit-take. There's also some amazingly horrible voice-over dubbing at the end that hardly matches what the mouth is saying. It was only one sentence, too! How hard could that be in post-production?!

The CGI is laughable at times, and surprisingly works in others, namely when projectiles like knives and arrows are being shot at the victims. Still, the film chooses to use CGI for everything including blood splatters which seems to be a waste of budget, when corn syrup and red dye would've provided some much better visuals.

I'm not taking this review very seriously as I didn't take this movies seriously because I felt it didn't even take itself seriously. So now that I've given you a small idea of what ludicrous shit you can expect, I highly suggest watching this with a group of friends. Being under the influence wouldn't hurt, either, as you'll most likely spend the night hunched over in laughter.

This still frame makes those terrible spinning CGI spikes look stunning!
2/5 Stars 
 (for laugh factor alone)

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