Monday, June 27, 2011

The Best Deleted Scene Ever

A long-running joke in the horror community, 2002's Halloween: Resurrection was the final courtesy flush in the infamous series, filled with a miserable young cast including American Pie alumni (that little shit from Rookie of the Year), not to mention the horrid addition of Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes, whose uninspired one-liners were responsible for nearly 70% of the suicides which took place that year (source needed).

A long-running joke amongst myself and some like-minded friends, the DVD's bonus features for Resurrection contain an amazing deleted scene that offers no explanation as to what the fuck just happened and has been responsible for hysterical crying, knee-slaps, and uproarious vomiting to those who've seen it. As I'm sure fans were already too embittered to even check out the film's equally uninspired extras, allow me to allow you to join the club and experience what is quite possibly The Best Deleted Scene Ever. Enough foreplay. Click continue to see this outstanding moment in horror history.

(Please watch before reading on as I do not want to spoil this for anyone)

...Wait, what?! Michael Myers, the most feared serial killer of our time; an evil husk...a human shell with no soul or conscience, locked his stolen car with a keychain remote?! The man responsible for the brutal death of countless teenagers was that worried over something so trivial?!

I guarantee you that this scene has not been edited in any way. If you own the film on DVD, you can verify this content for yourself. There's even an option to watch it with director's commentary, which goes on to explain the scene in serious detail and completely fails to acknowledge this outrageously bizarre moment in the life of Michael Myers.

My only conclusion is that this scene was being added to the DVD as a deleted scene, and the editor decided to have a bit of fun with it. That's the only possible explanation that I can offer; but considering how huge of a letdown this film was, deep in my heart, I still believe that this was completely unintentional and a prime example of how far down the toilet this series had gone.

What do you guys think?


  1. This is kind of hysterical. (and I regrettably apologize for the brevity of my first comment. Know that I do read, and do enjoy, your site completely! Just dead in the way of intelligent comments [per usual])

  2. It's okay. You're only the second commenter on this site. Tim posted the first just a few days ago and it was nothing fancy. Just our usual pretend-we're-stupid humor.

    A few hours ago, I was driving and thinking of the word "Brevity". Random, eh?

  3. geez. i really need to fix my fucking icon.

  4. That's the best thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life. "I may have killed a shit ton of people...but this is Compton for Christ's sake!" bleep bleep.