Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Destination 5 Trailer

If any of you actually believed The Final Destination was going to be THE Final Destination, then chances are good that the Grim Reaper is probably outside your front door. More than likely, he's in your bathroom trying to figure out a way to kill you with dental floss and a damp towel. So, here's the brand new trailer for the aptly titled Final Destination 5. Horror fans will be happy to see Tony Todd reprising his role and then immediately confused when David Koechner is shown receiving an untimely death. The film also features Emma Bell (Frozen, The Walking Dead) and actor/musician Miles Fisher. The trailer also teases with a scene that puts the puncture in "acupuncture".

Do we really need another Final Destination? Not really. Do we still want to see teens die a gruesome and creative death? Absolutely. But man...David Koechner? I wonder if he also dies screaming out the side of his mouth?

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